New World Order
Theory how to organize all humans into a unified framework.

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For any society to be utopian, it firstly must be functional, stable, and achievable with the technology and belief systems. Everyone would have to compromise to a certain degree and we would have to shed our fear of change or the unknown. The fear of change is perhaps the single greatest factor that has stunted our growth as a species, and it is a direct insult to our own capabilities. By fearing change, we show mistrust in ourselves to be able to recover from any possible mistakes we make along the way, so instead of making those mistakes, we prefer never to try at all.
Achievement Path
The following points, are how I think we can change that very fear of change. Rather than having a society being pushed forward reluctantly by an elite few, people instead are rewarded for embracing change and growth. I.e. changing from the current negative enforcement to a positive reward. This would still allow for each individual to have free will, setting their own limits to how fast or slow they wish to grow:
Identification of People
Each individual would have to be identified by the system in a way that does not discriminate by sex, sexual preference, race, religion, disability, country of origin or language spoken. The simplest way to do this is to use a unique alpha-numeric code for each individual not based on any distinguishable metric, the easiest would be the alpha-numeric equivalent of DNA and possibly derived from the persons’ DNA. If you own a passport or driving license, you already have a simplified version of one of these.
Unification of Values
Government and religious organizations must either be unified, or controlled by computer AI that does not base its decisions on emotion. This is perhaps the hardest part to achieve as those currently in power will not want to give up that power and will use fear to try and hold onto it. Governments may well take up this idea fairly quickly, however some religious organizations may be very stubborn and resist this change as much as they can.
Standardization of Rules
We need to organize ourselves to have a common set of rules. This will be part of the unification of governments and religions, not necessarily to replace them but to define how they must compromise with everything else in order to allow peace overall. Anyone not following the unified rule-set, is what we currently view as a criminal/terrorist and must be removed from the general population in order to keep the overall peace. This will include how we currently use reprimands, prisons and capital punishment only for the worst of the worst that refuse to reform themselves.
Cancellation of Debt
Once we have free movement and common values we can start to strip away all forms of finance; all debt would be cancelled as owing money to the same organization would be stupid. Jobs would no longer be about being paid to survive but rather a person willingness to be a part of the whole and help the whole in their own specific ways. This could be as simple as helping clean up the planet, furthering scientific research, managing personnel or travel. Each person would primarily contribute based on the areas they can help the best in, however it also allows for people to try out different areas; for example, a physics teacher taking a gap year from teaching children in one country to help teach in another (like Africa), or to help clean up pollution in the local community. We have so many people on this planet, each person would have to contribute very little to make the whole system work well. If everyone contributed close to what they are required to now, the human race would advance in all areas at an exponentially higher rate than we currently do, as we would not be competing against each other.
Mobilization of People
Once organized and with a shared set of human resources of multiple different skill sets, we need to have free movement over the entire planet. Just as the United States was founded on the free movement between states, and Europe was built on free movement between EU countries; this new world order needs to be based on free movement of any individual over the entire planet which requires that the first three points are finalized first or chaos would ensue.
Monitization of Skills
Rather than financial gain, the individual gains trust, respect and status. Examples being larger more elaborate accommodation, ability to manage or teach others and participate in larger and larger projects. This rewards people for participation and growth, and encourages them to progress as far as they can without overloading them with responsibility, causing stress and the increasing possibility of failure. How fast they progress is up to the willingness and capabilities of the individual. There is another bonus to this, if an individual is injured they can concentrate on recovery without any financial worries and those currently homeless are not forgotten and can get a fresh start and work their own way back to what they are capable of. No individual will ever be penalized for simple mistakes, this is perhaps the single most important part how this system will work and be accepted by all.
From this point forward, we would be running with a unified society based on rewarding positive action. The very idea we currently hold as Star Trek or Utopian ideals. However, all we would need is to stop fearing change; computer AI and RFID technology will primarily help us get past our own emotional baggage and greatly simplify the ever increasing complexity of managing human society which is now beyond the capabilities provided by financial, governmental and religious organizations.
As you see, we already have the technology to do this; our biggest issue is we have to embrace the changes not fight them. Our main issue is governments doing these steps out of order, for example allowing free movement before cancellation of worldwide debt, this will create polarization with people naturally wanting to be in the richest country, as is the case with immigrants to countries like UK currently.
Let us all embrace change to bring order from this chaos and save ourselves, not just the elite few having to drag us kicking and screaming in an effort to save not just this planet but as many people as possible. You need to be a part of this change, or you are just a waste of space and a hindrance.